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"With its shoujo style, enjoyable characters, light-hearted tone and relaxed pacing, you’ll feel as if it came straight from the manga shelf!" - MCMBuzz Magazine

"Reading this lovely comic brought me back to the days when I used to subscribe to comics like Sailor Moon. Altar Girl does an excellent job of making fun of the shoujo genre while still maintaining a high level of respect for the sources of its inspiration. This webcomic’s well-paced humor, expressive characters, and pretty page layouts make this an entertaining read."
- Crisp Comics

"The cute shoujo manga webcomic with a spine of steel!" - Girls Like Comics

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Hey wait, I've heard of this before?
Altar Girl is a webcomic that ran from July 2002 - December 2004. It was hosted on Keenspace (now known as ComicGenesis) and updated three times a week, one page at a time. It was frequently #1 at the Top 33 Online Manga, and remained in the Top 20 Keenspace comics for it's duration. It was even featured in an article for the University of North Carolina Charlotte Campus "UTIMES" newspaper.

This is an all-new version. Those who have read the "old version" might notice that the "new version" has been modified and tweaked here and there. Try not to compare them too much. This is still the same story, just with the benefit of hindsight


Who are you and why are you doing this?
Oh excuse me, how rude! My name is Kata. I live in Baltimore, MD with my husband Ned, our two kiddos, and doggie Tifa. Drawing this comic has been my dream for a very long time. I hope to conclude the story for everyone who was left hanging back then, and for new readers, I really hope you enjoy this comic from a whole new perspective. Your kindness and support means everything to me!

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Let me tell you about some cool resources I use to make Altar Girl.

Shooting Stars - patterns and screentones
Kyle T. Webster - inking and textured brushes


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