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Did you know some really amazing people got together and made an ALTAR GIRL FAN ANTHOLOGY?Curated by JD Benefield & Sam McDaniel, made with a lot of lovely fans & friends contributing art, stories, and even cosplay. I'm forever grateful for you all!!

All art belongs to the original artists; do not use their beautiful work without their permission.

Click here to view the Altar Girl Fan Art Collection (on deviantART)

Altar Girl Fan Anthology!!
John Palmer       Dawn Tabor Ned Kane
Kristal Thomas Roman Campos JD Benefield Ruby Kim J. Lynn FuranBi
Bee AiriTankou JD Benefield Arswiss Katherine L.B. Kae
Alaina Harmon Dani Crain Chase Bridgers Jennifer Brock Kita Angel JD Benefield
Aimee C. Kabocha-chan Christine Brunson JD Benefield Emily Beauparlant Christina Major
hchano hchano JD Benefield Aimee Young Chase Bridgers  


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